Danielle’s next book, a novel, will be published in 2018. More details soon!


Winner of the Singapore Literature Prize (Non-Fiction) 2016


the sound of sch


“An unflinching memoir of how mental illness rips the heart out of a family. It is as brutally honest as it is compassionate. Only a handful of books have moved me to tears. The Sound of SCH is one of them.”

– Felix Cheong, Chief Judge for Singapore Literature Prize (Non-Fiction) 2016


“Danielle Lim is that rare thing, a true talent. In this slim but masterful book, her spare and beautiful writing encompasses without sentimentality the grief and guilt of dealing with mental illness. In the process she reaffirms not only our own humanity but shows that whatever our trials, life is still worth living.”

– Meira Chand, author of A Different Sky