All Our Brave, Earthly Scars

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“Against a backdrop of loss and the violence of repeated fiery destruction, this sensitive and moving novel explores how life scars and reforms us in the deepest ways. Through the cycle of annihilation and regeneration in both thepersonal lives of her characters and in the larger social context, Danielle Lim perceptively explores the inner dynamics of relationships, and lays bare the pains and the courage demanded of us all on life’s uncertain journey.”

Meira Chand, author of Sacred Waters

“Danielle Lim shows her mastery of craft in her second novel: Layered storytelling spanning decades, and prose that cuts the air with its sheer poetry. Magnificent and worth re-reading!”

Felix Cheong, author of Sprawl: A Graphic Novel

“With writing that is breathtakingly moving, Danielle Lim weaves a gut-wrenching story of characters drawn to each other by fierce loves but pulled apart by walls created by their parents’ generation. Against a backdrop of real historical events like the Bukit Ho Swee fire that swept through Singapore and the 2002 Bali bombing, it is a drama of intense emotions that left me reeling at times. Yet by the end, the spirit triumphs, and there is hope for the future, even if it is tinged by past sorrows and upheavals.”

Tara Dhar Hasnain, literary editor and lecturer

“A touching and riveting story. Danielle Lim weaves in the little-known fact of how burn injuries can have a life-changing impact on burn victims and their families, and how scars can remain even years later.”

Dr Chong Si Jack, President, Association for Burn Injuries Singapore